Monday, November 7, 2011


"You carry me. You lift me up. You raise me."

I've heard these words a thousand times and they seem very boring now. Empty and meaningless. Rote in the day to day. How do those words help me with the apple juice spilled in the very dark corner where it's hard to get to without unpacking the entire room that I should have cleaned before my son decided not to finish the juice he poured, leaving it for the two-year-old to knock over?!?!

God defines the words for me as I listen to the song again.*

You lift me up - from that which I'm having trouble treading
When I am weak - I'm failing
Your arms wrap around me - you comfort and console me, not encourage me to keep going
Your love carries me - you do the work for me
So I'm letting go - so I can stop struggling and trying and wriggling and beating my head against a wall and trying to continue finding the solution on my own, and just let myself
be carried,
be still,

*song taken from "Lift Me Up" by The Afters.

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