[stuff about me]

My name is Carrie, and I live in Maine. I've been married 7 years, and have either aquired or birthed 4 crazy-awesome kids (which are very different than just crazy kids or awesome kids). What I'm doing when I should be marinating in the glorious days of my kids' youth is thinking about how to declutter my house, cleaning my house, doing laundry and dishes, and researching this beautiful thing that has taken seed in my heart called homesteading (I finally know what it's called!) that involves some things like making real food, having chickens, and hopefully starting some tub gardens....but I'm not "crunchy" or "organic," fyi, and it's all a work in progress.

Wanna know more about me?

stuff I LOVE:

milk. giraffes. double stuff oreos. greece. getting to know God. chocolate chip cookie dough. water. geese. ireland. bed. quiet. early-morning cold. farmhouses. grey-blue. (spelling grey with an "e.") my kids' names. cranapple juice. reading farmhousey, faith-filled blogs. chocolate ice cream. scouring the internet for farmhousey authentics that i can't afford. God's provision. fall. kids who show classic respect. chocolate in general. pinterest. hgtv. decluttering. watching the light go on in my kids' eyes. my kids' faith. my kiddo in ethiopia. singing harmony.

stuff I HATE:

smoking. people who act stupid. migraines. when i make prayer harder than it is. depression. disappointment in myself. clutter. heat. people not cleaning up after themselves. sassiness (in a bad way). excuses. my lack of discipline. my tummy. being tickled.