Tuesday, April 17, 2012

the adventure begins

The chickens have arrived. [eeeeee!]

Three Americanas, two New Hampshire Reds, and one Leghorn.

I ordered three.

I came home with six.

And I'm hoping for 2 or 3 black Australorps in June.

I've been working on being farmy for a while, but this is like the embodiment of being farmy. I have other living beings to keep track of and care for now, as part of my journey-toward-farmy-ness. (Other than my family. They were here before.)

They all seem to be pretty taken with them...

Can you even see the chick there? Migs adores his precious Rachel.

So, at the moment they're on the kitchen table. Eventually they will be in our bedroom.

I've promised Hubby they won't be as loud as he thinks. They only seem loud when you leave the room...I seem to have a bit of a mama's girl on my hands.

Here we go!

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