Thursday, January 29, 2015

THM: S french toast (!!)

So it's a big joke that people post on facebook what they eat for lunch. However...someone's post this morning of french toast for breakfast made me decide that's what I wanted for lunch. So sometimes it is helpful!!

But french toast isn't that great for you.

So when I sat down to figure out what to have for lunch, attempting to be good and eat a THM lunch, I came across my THM recipe for S bread that's made in the microwave. Bazinga.

S Bread

1 egg, beaten
1/4 cup + a dribble of half & half
3T almond flour [the original recipe calls for coconut flour, but I like the taste of this better]
scant 1/4t baking soda
shake of salt

Mix, microwave for 3 minutes. [Microwave times may vary.] You can make it in a round container or square, making it thicker and cutting it in half thick-wise, or in a longer, more shallower container (like I did this time), and cutting it in half width-wise. (I've used a round, deeper container in the past, and it works just as well.)

French toast batter

1 egg
half & half -- I never measure when I make this batter. I pour in enough to cover the bottom of whatever dish I'm using by about 1/4 to 1/2" or so
dribble of vanilla
cinnamon to taste

Beat in a dish that has enough space to dip a piece of bread lying flat. I usually use a pie plate or a square plastic storage dish (like the size of a sandwich).

After the bread comes out of the microwave, I chilled it in the fridge, hoping it would hold together better in the batter. (better butter batter...hehe)

I started some coconut oil melting in the frying pan. I started loosening the bread from the plastic container and set it on my plate, and cut it in half using my pancake turner. Usually I use a fork when dipping my *regular* bread in the french toast batter, but with this being a "wetter" bread (because of the egg), I found my fingers worked better.

First half after turning it. I turned it another time or two to get it a little more brown.

Second half before turning it.

Dip it in the batter and fry it up as usual! And, because it's an S meal, butter and peanut butter on top are a GO! :) [Make sure to make any peanut butter or syrup sugar-free to make it a true S.]

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