Wednesday, August 31, 2016

the first three days

A little catch-up to our first three days...

Day one:
The first day of Great Pines Railroad Homeschool is in the books! Elijah was done by 11:30 and has worked through all his math through Sept. 6, lol. Morgan finished at lunch, and Matthew did Bible and has a little left in Science, all preceded by chores and quiet Bible time. I call it good!! :)

And in the afternoon:
First soccer practice. They nicknamed him "Newbie" because he had the least experience, but he didn't play like one. :) #coachsaidso #numbahtwo

Day two:
Slightly more real homeschool. When you don't get to bed till 2am so you don't get up till 8:30 and there are still groceries all over the kitchen so no one can work and breakfast isn't eaten till 10:30 and the 3yo no longer thinks workbooks are interesting.

Day three:
LOVING THIS! Another late start, but I dropped expectations and we did a soft start to the day. Also, Girl Twelve, who had created her own schedule that started at 9, overslept till I woke her at 9:30, so we didn't have that pressure of starting on time. She had also gotten much of her work for today done yesterday, so she had little to do today. (She was blown away by the realization of the flexibility of it.) Another new thing I'm trying today is doing Boy Seven's work this afternoon, which lets me give attention to Girl Three in the morning, get a little work done, and focus solely on Boy Seven's work, with no distractions, in the afternoon while Girl Three sleeps. It's working out So. Well. I am able to really focus on Boy Seven, be present, and still have some of my smaller computer tasks on the side while he writes. And I am not feeling stressed. Victory! :)

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