Friday, October 14, 2011

Five-Minute Fridays: Catch

I'm linking up with Gypsy Mama for her Five-Minute Fridays. Write. Write for five minutes. Don't stop. Don't edit. Go.


I admit, I had to think about this one for a while. (I have to think about most of Gypsy Mama's prompts...usually because my head is swimming with everyone else's stories that I've read.) I thought...catch...catch what? Catch a moment. Catch a memory. Catch up. Catch a minute. Catch a break. It makes my mind spin. But it is what she was saying in her original blog; it's what we're all trying to do. Some days we've got it. Other days we're just replaying in our minds what we've missed or messed up. We're supposed to catch moments with our kids, make memories while we can, don't miss a moment, they'll grow so fast. But while we're making memories with our kids - however much we love it - the dishes pile up, the laundry gets dirtier (because, let's face it, the kids aren't 100% in the moment, and somehow dishes still get used, even during memory-making; sometimes especially during memory-making). So we try to catch up. And at the end of the day, we might have memories, we might have clean houses (might), and we're left - if we're lucky - with a silence that speaks to us in whispers of "now what? who are you? what would you want to do right now, if your head wasn't full of meal plans and daily schedules and grocery lists?" And the answer goes back "....I don't know." We try to catch a minute for ourselves, whoever ourselves are.

All in all, at the end...just trying to catch a break. A happy, mom-inspired, kid-filled, this-is-how-life-is-and-it's-not-so-bad-after-all break. Wipe the sweat, and sigh happy.

STOP. (plus a few seconds)

Come see us - all of us! - at Gypsy Mama's Five-Minute Fridays! Or sometimes it's fun just to read everyone else's. :)


  1. i think the key to that is priorities....
    not waiting to catch a moment for ourselves..
    but to make sure that happens.
    Same with God.. don't hope that you will catch time... make it happen.
    Good post.


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