Friday, March 23, 2012

only God is God

There's a story that needs telling. And it's a GREAT story.

It starts out with a little baby who decided to come live with us, take up residence in my little incubator...

(little white dots at the bottom right corner of the black oval)

And then...what is a far too small a time after that...
God decided that this little Baby Blueberry had finished its mission.

And just like that, Baby Blueberry went home to Jesus.

And every question you might think would come into our minds has indeed come into our minds.

Was it because I wasn't take pre-natals yet?
I've had coffee during my other pregnancies and they turned out okay...
But the heart was beating - I SAW IT - and that's supposed to decrease the chances, isn't it?
I didn't lose weight first...
Should we have done something different?
Did we do something wrong?
...what happened???

But we know full well that none of these questions are rational, and some don't have answers at all.

Things are as they should be, even if not as we would like.

And so we are, again, without child. But we are with God. And God is with us. Closer than ever, better than ever, stronger than ever, tighter than ever, with every line we read meant for our comfort and peace and reassurance of God-With-Us.

And one more thing is certain:


And some of it we might know. Some of it we might determine further down the road. Some of it we may never see 'til heaven-side. But if for no other purpose than --

we will tell the story.

And we will tell them the baby's name...



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