Friday, February 10, 2012

29 days, week 1(ish)

Tada!!! I have completed three days of the 29 Day Organizational Challenge! I have arrived at the first link-up day, February 10. It officially started on February 1st, of course, but I started late when I discovered it on the 8th.

I made a list of all the areas in my bedroom that needed work. I broke them down into sections. I had 21 sections. I only had 19 days. So I lumped 3 easier sections together, and voila! 19 sections!

Now, at the end of 3 days, I have actually completed FOUR sections! Aren't I amazing?! I'm certainly shocking myself! And it's AWESOME. Not because my room is looking slightly more awesome (which it is), but because I'm sticking to it. I'm getting 'er done.

I don't know when I've been able to say that recently.

And, ahem,
all with some brand new preggy hormones
Yeeeah, boy!
That's right.
Sholes kiddo #5 is on the way!)

So, just by doing slightly more than I needed to each day, I was able to cut an entire day out of the schedule. This does not mean, however, that I will take a day off. Because I have a feeling that when I get around to the section that is in my original post's picture, I will need that extra day.

Now, for the last three days, I've been in the same area of the room, so each picture sorta leads into the next. Here goes. The very first before picture...

This is the spot right behind the door of the bedroom. Please ignore the paint job on the's had an identity crisis for quite some time (having gone through several different occupants). Hopefully when this project is done, we might be able to think of a color scheme. Y'know, because then we'll be able to get to the walls.
 And here is after! With my very willing helper ("toolbelt" included). I think his smile says it all.

Here was the before of day 2. The actual schedule section for this day was just that stack of stuff to the right of the baker's rack...

After! No more stack! Annnnd...I started on the baker's rack, too. That blue bin on the floor will eventually be gone, but as much of this stuff is hubby's, I simply made a neat bin of his paperwork for him to go through at another time. For now, I can get into my closet. Score!
That last after picture also served as the before picture to this one. I regret that I didn't realize I didn't take an actual picture of the mess to the left of the baker's rack, so that you can tell the difference now. But, rest assured, it was a tall pile of hubby's clothes, small exercise equipment, and cassette tapes. No more! (Yes, our air conditioner is still in the window. Yes, we still run it on fan every night. But my coffee isn't usually sitting on the baker's rack.)
Bonus: day 3 was simply to do the baker's rack; day 4 was to be the left of the baker's rack, which is where I have now gained my day-ahead-ness.

The thing I love most about this so far is that I have really, truly done this. In any time past, I simply would've said, "but what will I do with the 2 year old?" This time...I just brought him with me. He played in the room (there's no limit of stuff to get into there), he played in the hall, he went in and out of the playroom. And for three days in a row, he was willing to go with me. No complaints. And poor little sick 5 year old was able to have some chill time downstairs on the couch watching tv in silence. The first day he actually fell asleep. (That's rare.) So blessings all around.

And would you believe - for all of this - yesterday hubby had the nerve to chide me, about his dresser drawer becoming more full???? The top drawer of our dresser is where all his "stuff" goes. The little stuff - pictures of kids, pictures from kids, Star Wars figures, dice, yo-yos, playing cards, spare wallet, etc. And when I come across that kind of stuff, that's the only real place for it, for now. And he gave me grief about filling up his drawer! He hadn't even once mentioned the cleanliness that had shown up. Not that that's why I'm doing this, the praise, but gosh, it's so obvious!!!

He was kidding.

Good thing.

Next on the calendar are the three easy pieces put together: our bookshelf headboard (which pretty much has things that will stay but need to be organized), under the bed (which will require a broom), and my side of the bed (which I kinda picked up really quick the other day, as it involved all of emptying my trash can and bringing a glass downstairs).

Maybe I'll even move on a little further after that... Aren't I brazen.

PS, Laura, I have to let you know, that although I haven't taken any purge pictures (now I know you like them!), I almost took a picture of what I swept out from under my baker's rack - one dustpan full of nothing but FEATHERS. From hubby's pillow. :)

If you're interested in joining the challenge,
click HERE.
It's never too late to start!
Plus, she's got some sweeeeeet prizes;
go check 'em out!
Although, as hubby reminded me,
my prize will be a clean room.

He's right...and it's for him I'm doing this anyway.


  1. First, Congratulations! What a blessing!! You have certainly been busy, and accomplished quite a bit- and with little ones that is a big accomplishment! I look forward to seeing what is next :)

  2. Congratulations for sticking to it. I hope the kiddo is better soon. They can be a big help (and sometimes a hinderance) yet every minute we spend with them is a teaching, laughing, loving moment. Have a great time even if it takes a little longer.

  3. Congratulations! Babies are always wonderful! I am so excited for you. :) Good job on all your hard work. I love decluttering, it just feels so freeing.


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