Tuesday, February 21, 2012

scavenger hunt tues(sun)day

I'm forming a trend of getting to the Scavenger Hunt Sundays on Monday. Still fun. I played with effects this week (and I'm mourning the loss of Picnik soon).

1. Love

This picture is hubby's and my sorta-official wedding photo.
But I focused on him in the photo because
what I love about the picture is his face. <3

2. Duplicated

This is duplicated
because it's one of my 2yo's favorite videos on youtube.
Therefore, anytime we watch "choo choo train videos" on the computer,
we see this one.

3. Trending

This is what's trending in my neck of the woods.
Can't read it? It says #ThrowBackSongs.

This tape is in hubby's box of tapes/cd's that I collected and stashed
during my 29 day challenge.
"All For Love" is one of my bff's and my songs.
Don't judge. The 90's were cool.

4. Paper
My 8yo made this in Sunday school once, several years ago, and gave it to me.
It hangs from a lamp in our bedroom.
It doesn't match any color scheme ever.
Not the point.

5. Plastic
I had trouble thinking of a plastic item,
until I was sitting at the computer table
with my lovely blue cup next to me.
Inside this cup is a coffee ice cream/chocolate syrup milkshake.


  1. Great finds - hope you have a great week.

  2. Oh, I want a milkshake now! Our children's art is always more than just paper :)


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