Friday, September 23, 2011

it's pinteresting

I've gone a little pin-crazy tonight. Fair warning: those who use Pinterest will understand this blog. Those who don't, won't. (But should try it out. I have invites.)

Reasons I'm pinning:

1. I admit it: I love that anticipation of finding a picture that makes you go "oooh" or "awww!" or "yep. nice."
2. I like organizing my thoughts and wishes into happy little "boards." My life isn't so organized, but the pictures that represent things I want in my life...are. (And I do not want more boards than fit on one page.)
3. I like finding people who like the same stuff as me.
4. I like getting ideas of stuff to put in my house.
5. I like getting nifty ideas for things that will make my life simpler. (Things that will actually make my life simpler, not just something that someone says will, but in practicality, will take me a while to figure out, will be too expensive, or will take more time/talent than I have.)
6. I like finding signs or pictures with words that either say what I think, or that I'd like to hang in my house sometime.

I find it "pinteresting." Haha.

This is not a very deep blog post. But looking at pictures of the things in my head brings me happiness.

Especially on a night that I CAN stay up late because finally...FINALLY!...tomorrow morning I get to sleep in.


  1. Loved getting caught up on your blog! ...and thanks for making me a cool "button"

    I love the name of your blog and the scripture!

  2. I haven't gotten into pintrest, but maybe I should??? Thanks for coming to Finding Heaven. Hope to get to know you better!


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