Wednesday, September 21, 2011

new every morning

Provisions abound! And they may not be monetary, but they sure do restore my soul.

#1: We have more toilet paper than I thought! I knew we had about 3 rolls, but it's questionable how long that will last. This morning I found about 3 more behind those! File under "It's the Little Things."

#2: Mr. 5yo is sick. This is not the provision. However, it eases a tricky situation I would have had to field this morning, and it also means he will probably miss picture day tomorrow, such that we can catch re-take day when we will have the funds to buy them!

#3: After a night of being up every half hour from 11pm to 5am [no exaggeration] with said sick child, he slept soundly from 5-8:30. This meant:
- hubby was willing to get himself and Miss 13yo ready for work and school, and let me sleep
- when I came downstairs, I found several more dishes from last night lovingly put in the sink [heart swelling]
- Mr. 2yo, who woke up at 6:15, was very happy to let Daddy fill his bottle and turn on Blue's Clues for him, and then leave me alone until 7:30 (when he arrived in my bedroom with the jug of milk) = since Miss 7yo wasn't awake yet either, he entertained himself - happily and safely - for about an hour!

I love my kids.

And finally, #4: I had a mind-opening brainstorm about how to do the week's laundry, that - although completely different from what I've been trying to do for years, and goes against what seems to make sense - might actually ease my work load a little. I may do a trial run.

Four provisions, and it's not even 10am yet!

His mercies are new every morning. Even if we're not quite awake enough to notice.

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