Friday, September 16, 2011

on how i'm NOT making crazy new changes

I'm inspired to write something amazing. I've been reading a few new amazing blogs (new to me), and I'm inspired to write another post.

Problem. I don't have something amazing to say. I read a post last night of a lady I love and admire, who simply vented in a worthwhile way that she was overwhelmed and out straight and felt way too busy. I feel exactly the same way. And I thought, well, if she can post about it and not come out whiny, maybe I can, too. So I was going to...and then got interrupted, and then didn't feel so whiny anymore afterward. Guess that's a good thing...but it kinda took the wind out of my bloggy sails! [hehe]

I just started this, my second blog. I thought it would be a venue of new attempts - creating less in my house, in my world, and maybe actually daring to make goals for myself, beyond just getting the laundry and dishes done each day. (Which, really, should be more of a goal, because they don't always get done each day.)

But rather than new and exciting tryings in life...I'm trying to homeschool without curriculum. We're still cleaning up our finances from hubby's change in job and pay schedule over the summer. (It's amazing how long and far-reaching the effects of a pay time schedule change can be!) My 5yo is in afternoon kindergarten, which has made me feel like I'm living my day literally backwards. It doesn't work for me, and it's not entirely the best fit for him, and quite frankly, it bugs me that the school doesn't take that into account when placing the kids. (And YES, I want to be the one family that they make the exception for. So there.)

I'm trying to fit in school for the girl, housekeeping, errands, to-and-from school for the boy, keeping the 2yo's mind entertained (he doesn't default to tv when he's bored yet, and I'm trying to keep it that way!), keeping myself calm when fielding 13yo drama, parenting on two different childhood development levels, planning school for the girl, actually SEE my husband now and then (face to face, not just next to each other, him on the couch/computer, me on the couch/computer), and GET TO BED EARLIER!

I don't yet have amazing moments in homeschooling to write about. I haven't made a Life List. (Actually, I have about three items. Maybe.) I don't have pictures of decluttering projects, because I haven't decluttered since the yard sale we had last weekend, which you can't even really tell happened. (We got rid of LOTS of stuff! How can you not tell?!) And I don't have grand, motivational speeches about how well my exercising is going, because I haven't met with Jillian in about two weeks, and I have skipped pilates class twice (because if I went to that without having met with Jillian for two weeks, I'd be crying my way through class).

I'm wracking my brain for how to end this positively. [hehe]
1. I do have bins again for my children's stuff in the hallway! And they are immediately full, of course. But they will start taking stuff to their rooms today. And the bins are simply plastic file crates, but they were $1 at Walmart, which is just exactly my price range. Later I will attempt to find something like galvanized buckets or old hen laying crates, as bestie suggested. (Note: old hen laying crates are much easier to find where she is in Arkansas than they are here in Maine. Though I admit I haven't actually searched yet.)

2. This Saturday (tomorrow) is hubby's last busy Saturday! Last Saturday was our yard sale, so it wasn't his fault, but all in all, I have not had him home on a Saturday since before Pennsic in early August. (I am tired of assuming the dump run job. But I do it, because the alternative is unacceptable.)

3. I AM seeing the joys of homeschool, and enjoying my horizons being broadened as to just how many different ways there are to incorporate learning into life. Wonderful and amazing. And as busy as I've been, there's always some way to eeeeeek some kind of learning out of the day, even if it's just running the latest five books of the Bible in the car on our way to wherever. Gosh, I thought I'd have so much more down time when we started homeschooling...but I think it's just that now I have more time to do so many other things!

4. This one is just for Crystal - I am living sans microwave. HA! Who would've thought it possible. [hehe]

5. I have two new amazing farmhousey chairs! Already painted off-white, cane-seated, ladderback chairs. Gor. Geous. They were 2.99 a piece at Good Will. Our Good Will isn't the best, but it's finds like this that do make up for all the other frustrating, empty trips.
Ignore the mess in the background. It's not there anymore. Mostly.

6. Hubby came home from the church youth group kick-off barbecue with eldest with a brand spankin' new GIANT sweatshirt with the youth group logo. It's been so. long. since I've worn a good sweatshirt (in weather than warrants it), and I've absonded with it and worn it almost every day since. (And I like that it's not just a sweatshirt, but a sweatshirt with a message.) I might let him borrow it back...sometime.

7. And most of all - IT'S COLD TODAY. It makes me come alive, this fall weather. Earlier this week, it was still hot and muggy, but finally it rained (always a good sign of weather changing in Maine) and today it's almost frigid. YUM.

Yesterday, I bought chocolate, caramel apple, and pumpkin donuts. You should've smelled my car.

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  1. Yay! For no microwaves...see you can do it! :)
    And thank you for not calling me whiny...though I felt that way.

    I'm excited to see what comes out of your new goals and direction. Less is always better. :)


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